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Congrats Graduates!


Congrats! You Have Graduated!

Hi my awesome Thrive Sisters! 


Get access to me in individual power sessions for only $150. Just shoot me an email here!

You can also Join the actual Thrive Tribe Master Class. This is an ongoing subscription for YOU to meet up with me on ZOOM Thursdays at 4:00pm Pacific Time Every week! Grab your glass of wine and I will work with each of you on whatever it is you are stuck on. This subscription is $69 a month, and by the way that is an AMAZING deal!  The group is still small enough that you could end up on a full 1 on 1 hour with me. Or even get a half hour or quarter hour all to yourself. Plus you hear first hand what the other ladies are struggling with. If this group gets too big I will open up another hour time slot for you to then choose from.

Bonus Journaling Prompts

This info is To Be Announced soon! I you have reached this page and the Instructions look like this.... shoot me an email now. RIGHT HERE

Let me know you completed the self-study course and you want in the Masterclass. First... commit by hitting the button to subscribe on the left here. Then, join this amazing group of women for weekly girltime, coaching, and fun!

MasterClass Call Instructions



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